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Roster Rules


There are six teams. All teams must be on the Alliance faction. Each team is required to maintain, at all times during the RBGDL, one Captain ("c"), one assistant ("a"), ten players in the starting lineup ("Starters"), and five substitute players ("Reserves"), (collectively, fifteen players for the "Active Roster"). No individual may simultaneously hold two or more of the roles listed above. Changes to the Active Roster may occur as detailed below.

Captain Failure

If a team's captain fails to perform their duties, RBGDL officials reserve the right to assign captaincy to an assistant or whomever will fulfill their captain duties.

Waiver Wire

Players who are not drafted are placed on the "Waiver Wire". Players cannot quit their team to join the Waiver Wire, they must be released by a captain. A captain, after the Free Agency Lock will be allowed to replace a player on their roster who is deemed "inactive".


A player that does not show up for two or more consecutive series is defined as inactive. A captain may replace an inactive player for someone of equal or lesser * value.

Star (cap) Limit

A team roster may not collectively exceed 70*(?) at any point after the regular season starts. If a team exceeds this cap they will be penalized. On the first day over the cap limit, the captain of the offending team will be suspended from playing during that week. For consecutive days spent over the cap, RBGDL officials may replace the offending captain at their discretion.

All players will be required to add their armories, or have an RBGDL add the armories for each class they intend to play before the draft begins. Armory links will be found on the RBGDL website. Players will not be allowed to use a character not previously added to the site without RBGDL Officials approval.

Free Agency

After the draft all players that sign up after Saturday November 14th, 2015(?) will fall into free agency. Free agency will last until the start of the third week, thereafter it will be locked. Admission to the RBGDL will be locked on the Friday prior to the draft. Ample time, in-game, and Twitch advertisements will be provided for players to register.

Captains can bid via the RBGDL website (rbgs.tv) by signing into their name and accessing the bidding panel. Captains may input a bid on players listed on the waiver wire then submit them. If, a captain deems their bid insufficient they can edit their bid at any point during the week. Captains will not be able to see the bids of other captains.

Bidding begins on 12:00 AM EST Monday and ends on 12:00 AM EST Friday (midnight).

In the event of someone withdrawing from the league, a captain will be allowed to select a player of equal or lesser * value.

The waiver-wire entry will stop on 12:00 AM EST Thursday of each week to allow captains time to bid on free agents.


In the event of a tie for bidding, the player who is higher on the initial draft order will win. When the tie is won, the captain will be dropped to the bottom of the priority list. Ex: Mopmage and Datacus bid on Jahmilli for 10*. Datacus wins since he was #3 in the draft order and Mopmage was #5. Consequently, Mopmage will be #1 and Datacus will be #6 for waiver-wire priority. Every time a captain wins a bid they will be dropped to the end of the list.

The minimum bid for a player is 3* with no maximum bid.

The only bids that will be taken are through the rbgs.tv website.

You cannot drop a player then re-bid on that very player to lower their * rating.


Pre-season begins Sunday, November 22nd. It will begin with a mock-draft between the six league captains. The following two weeks after (November 29th and December 6th) we will have our first scheduled RBGDL games. Series will be best of three and follow the regular season format. First battleground pick will be pre-determined as the "battleground of the week", thereafter, the losing team will pick the subsequent battlegrounds. First to two wins clinches the series.

Regular season begins Sunday, December 13th. Wargames will be held each Sunday at negotiated times between corresponding team captains. Regular season series will follow the same best of three format as pre-season listed above. There will be a Christmas break for the week of the 27th. The league will follow a round-robin pattern, with every team playing a series each weekend until all teams have played each other once. At the end of the five week regular season the top four teams will advance into a single elimination playoff series.

Playoffs begin tentatively on January 24th 2016. Playoffs scheduling will be based on the teams composite standings at the end of the regular season. The semi-finals will begin with the first seeded team will play the fourth seeded team and the second seeded team will play the third seeded team, winners advance to the finals. The winners of the finals are crowned RBGDL Champion and will receive a prize pool to be determined later.

Player Conduct

Competition Conduct

Unfair Play

The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of RBGDL officials.


Collusion is defined as any agreement among two or more players or parties to disadvantage opposing players. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:

Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among two or more players to not damage, impede or otherwise play to a reasonable standard of competition in a game.

Pre-arranging to split prize money or any other form of compensation.

Sending or receiving signals, real id, skype, electronic, etc, from a spectator or opponent pertinent to the outcome of the match.

Deliberately losing a game for compensation, or for any other reason, or attempting to induce another player to do so.

Competitive Integrity

Teams are expected to play at their best at all times within any RBGDL game, and to avoid any behavior inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play. For the purpose of clarification, team composition, or strategies will not be considered when determining whether this rule has been violated.


Hacking is defined as any modification of the World of Warcraft game client by any player, team, or person on behalf of a player or a team.


Exploiting is defined as intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Exploiting includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: glitches in player positioning, glitches in map terrain, glitches in spell performance, or any other game function that, in the sole determination of the RBGDL officials, is not functioning as intended.


Aliasing Aliasing is defined as intentionally taking a lesser-known name to evade punishment, change * rating, or

Cheating Methods

The use of any kind of cheating device, cheat program, or any similar cheating method including but not limited to botting, scripting, fly-hacking, or telepathy is strictly prohibited.

Intentional Disconnection

An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly-stated reason.


Playing under another player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging or directing someone else to play under another player’s account


Looking at or attempting to share information while spectating, or listening to an opposing player.

Computer Programs & Usage

Voice Chat

If a team wishes to install a non-standard program for voice communication (i.e. not Skype or curse voice) they must notify an RBGDL official. RBGDL officials are allowed to monitor a team's voice communication at their discretion.

Social Media

It is prohibited to communicate "spoilers" or post on any social media site (including but not limited to Twitter, Twitch, real id) before the three-minute delay has elapsed.

Officials Conduct

The league officials are SeriousPvP, Bigmoran, and Noth.

The officials jurisdiction begins an hour before scheduled games and ends when a match has reached its statistical conclusion (showing of the battleground scoreboard) and the official has declared the final score.

The officials are to have general oversight and control of appeals within the game. The referee is the final authority for the score. If there is a disagreement between members of opposing teams regarding various outcomes, the official's decision will be final.

Reporting Matches

Have both the winners and losers report the results of the match, so that they can be cross-checked.

Have teams submit screenshots that is difficult to manipulate, such as the end-game (not middle of the game) battleground scoreboard.

Have a process in place in case the information doesn't verify, or there's a dispute over the outcome.

League Structure

Draft Format

The draft will be as detailed below. The first round will be "blind-pick" and the second and all subsequent rounds will be "snake-draft". The draft will last until each team has fifteen players on their roster (fourteen rounds).


The first round of the draft (blind-pick round) is defined as all captains submitting their draft pick to an RBGDL official unbeknownst to the other captains. If the same player is picked by two or more captains than they will continue to pick until each team has their own player.


The second and all subsequent rounds are defined as "snake-draft" in format. A snake-draft is defined as the draft order reversing at the end of each round. For example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, etc.

Rating System

Star Value

Each player will be ranked based upon skill and performance in past RBGs as well as arena. Before the draft they will be given an overall * ranking 1-5 and posted on the RBGDL website.

Best In Class
Top Rated
Above Average
Below Average

Rating Appeal

A player may appeal their rating if valid reasoning and evidence to support their appeal exists. Any player for whom a valid appeal request is received will be re-evaluated by the "Ratings Committee."

Ratings Committee

The ratings committee consists of the six active captains of the RBGDL. The average of their ratings will be taken into account in determining each player's * rating.

Extraneous Circumstances

Match Replay

In the event of excessive lag, cheating, or an extraneous circumstance beyond the player's control; please notify an RBGDL official immediately so that they may take note and adjudicate the situation.

This section will be left vague with the purpose to avoid creating exploitative situations.

Feedback and Questions

If you'd like to provide feedback or ask a question, you have a few options depending on your goal. Many of your questions can be answered by the league officials. For questions regarding rules or rulings of the league, contact the league officials. If you have questions that are beyond the scope of the league official's responsibility (or you'd like to let us know how the league was run) please contact us directly.

When reaching out to any of the following contacts, please include the following info:

  • Name
  • Character Name
  • Email
  • The specific match that corresponds with your question or comment
  • Your feedback or question