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RBG Draft League

How It Works

The Draft
Team captains participate in each round of the draft by taking turns selecting players in a snake draft format (i.e., 1-6, 6-1, 1-6, etc.). Each team drafts one player per round until all roster slots are full.
Regular Season
The league will follow a round-robin pattern, with every team playing a series each weekend until all the teams have played each other once. At the end of the five week regular season the top four teams will advance into a single elimination playoff series.
Free Agency
Teams will be allowed to make trades and purchase players with their remaining stars throughout the season. All transactions will be subject to approval by the league officials.

Meet the Captains


What gnaws at Abn to do the things he does? We don't know, however, he succeeds in creating a pure performance piece both inside and outside of battlegrounds. His unique felicities of habit, patterns in strategy, and his virtual monopoly break all precedence.


The self-appointed World's R1 RBG Leader. What he knows is entertainment. Filled with a fierce intensity, pouring out streams of passion, Bailamos can invoke a scorched-earth leadership posture — positive results from negative thinking.


A methodical leader always focused on the objective. He is acutely aware of his, his teammates, and his enemies positions at all times. Demanding total dedication and effort, he is a general and RBG his war.


Malvin is young, naive, and inexperienced, but what is amazing is how persistent he is in his advancement. Self-aware of his pariah status, he employs an emphatic social aggression to "prove himself" and win the respect of men.


Mopmage's loyalty to the team is most important. He is a selfless player with astonishing patience. His career-long practice of node defense makes him nearly impossible to cap on. Underestimating him is strategic folly.


Unseenz, unfailingly intelligent, has discovered the utility of every class, every spell, and is barely contained within each battleground. His style and innovation in ninja-tactics inspire hordes of feeble imitations. And yet, such imitation approaches impossibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the star system?
Players are assigned stars based on a skill assessment from the captains. Each team will be allocated a budget of stars to spend on draft picks and post-draft purchases and trades.
When does it start?
The mock draft is scheduled tentatively for November 22.